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Budget And Finance

Scheme-wise Expenditure incurred by SAG from April upto August 2016
Sr.No.Items of Expenditure Allocation of funds 2016-17Expenditure upto August 2016
(Figures in Rupees Lakh)
A) Participation grants to State level Sports Associations   
 i) National Participation 75.00 0.77
 ii) International Participation   
B)Organizational (conduct) grants to the State level sports Associations   
 a) Zonal & National / Federation Cup Tournament 48.00 -
 b) Conduct of Nationals in Rurals/Women Sports (PYKKA) 10.00 -
 c) International Tournaments 20.00 -
 d) Conduct of State level Championship by Associations 40.00 0.46
C)i) Conduct of Tournaments, Seminars, Sports & Games etc. by SAG itself   
 a) Conduct of Tournaments / Exhibition Matches 15.00 -
 b) Organization of Seminars / Orientation Courses etc. 5.00 0.15
C)ii) Conduct of Women Sports Festival at Taluka / State Level   
 a) Grants to Taluka Committees 11.00 -
 b) State level Women Sports Festival 5.00 -
C)iii) Conduct of Rural Sports at Taluka / District / State Level   
 a) Tribal Sports 15.00 9.16
 b) PYKKA   
D)Participation of State Teams directly through SAG   
 a) Women Sports Participation (PYKKA)   
 b) Rural Sports Participation (PYKKA) 30.00 -
 C) Interschool Participation (PYKKA)   
E)Annual maintenance grants to State Sports Associations 15.00 -
F)Annual maintenance grants to Sports Clubs 25.00 14.80
G)Expenditure on Coaching Camp   
 a) Coaching Camp conducted by SAG 20.00 -
 b) Camp allowance to players 40.00 -
 c) Special Coaching camps conducted locally 5.00 -
H)Expenditure on purchase of Sports Equipments   
 a) Sports Equipments to RCC Centres 150.00 4.68
 b) Sports Equipments to Clubs / Associations, MLA / MPs 108.00 -
I)Establishment Expenditure of SAG   
 a) Administrative Expenses & Salary Allowances of the Staff   
 i) Salary and allowances 2,718.00 1,314.04
 ii) Administrative Expenses   99.67
 b) Purchase of Equipments for Sports Complex 100.00 2.14
 c) Maintenance of Sports Complex 250.00 154.42
JAward of Cash Prizes & Financial Assistance to Sports Persons   
 a) Financial Assistance to Sports Clubs 100.00 0.70
 b) Cash Prize to Sportspersons   -
K)Nonrecurring grants   
 a) Grants for creation of Infrastructure to Sports Associations/ Clubs 40.00 -
 b) Construction of Sports infrastructure of SAG 100.00 -
 c) Financial assistance to special class to organise Annual Sports activities 55.00 4.04
 Total4000.00 1605.03
L)Lusofonia Games Expenditure   
 Coaching camp expenditure   
a)Administrative expenses   0.72
 Maintenance of complexes   
 Hire of vehicles   -
 Salary to the staff   6.64
 National Games Expenditure 4,000.00 9.09
 Expenditures by Various FA   2.00
b)Project expenditure   
 Principal amount paid to EDC   -
  Interst on EDC loan   -
 TOTAL a) + b) 4000.0018.45